Time flies ... | April 06
the g-string project

__Initially I just made 50 CDs - as one is like none they say. Now they're sold and I did press a 100 more. Looks like I'm gettin' famous soon. And rich. Double platinum on the horizon. :-D

__Ok, I admit this is a little too optimistic. But I'm still amazed and very honored, when people from all over the world buy my record. From Canada to Italy, from Germany to the UK. I mean in most cases it's one album per country, but hey ... I think it's cool ...
__"Personal Pleasures" is now finally available at iTunes and I think, I was my first customer ;-) I also managed to sign the album with Red Bull audio files, so maybe there'll be some songs on Red Bull video productions. We'll see..

__And I guess I'll start the 2nd album soon, 'cause as the saying goes: one is none ...

Cheers, Joern