Yes it's true, the name is a silly joke, but then...
the g-string project

__Years ago I thought, G-String (aka guitar string) would make a funny band name. If I think of my abilities as guitar player I should rather have thought of G-Stand, as I'm better with guitar stands than strings ... Anyway, was already registered by, so I took Though nothing ever happened with this domain, until I discovered, that I had so many hits every month.
Hah, the porn seekers out there...
__Before I could make it happen, I met Matt and we started the band Reardon. We had an amazing time, but all good things come to an end. When I tracked some recordings for my friend Dr. Beat's Windsurfing Kamasutra DVD last year, I received a very positive feedback. So I decided to record a couple more songs - and see what happens.